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Sonnets With Shakespeare

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Radio Free Goblonia

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Roll a Nat21!

Who are these amazing people? Check out DM Paolo Garbanzo playing D&D LIVE on Nat21 Adventures & using his own Nat21 Dice!!


More guest artists every week! We will add more pics of your favorite side adventurers! Tell us of which ones you want more! (dang that proper English!)


Need More Adventure?

YOU can come join US!!!

Travel with us on our next international adventure and play with us LIVE as we hack & slash our way from Scotland to England playing D&D each night in REAL castles!

These all inclusive tours provide food, lodging at various castles, daily excursions and a full campaign of D&D with your favorites from Nat21 played in castles, and ending in an epic Heroes' Feast!

Our next tour is June 2021


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