What is Nat21?

Nat21 Adventures is a captivating ensemble of creative spirits, led by the illustrious Renaissance performer Paolo Garbanzo, that dives deep into the realm of imagination and storytelling. At the heart of Nat21 Adventures, a vibrant community of friends and fans alike gather to explore the fantastical worlds of Dungeons & Dragons, where each dice roll unveils new mysteries and epic tales.

Founded by Paolo, who just so happens to be an official Jester of Muncaster Castle, in Cumbria, England and who also happens to be the first American in history to be an Official Jester of a European Castle (okay, thats like super cool!). Paolo is also renowned for his engaging performances at Renaissance faires, and extends his artistry into the digital domain by leading a group of players as our trusted Dungeon Master.

Viewers can revel in the melodious tunes of a friendly bard, the lovely Lady Prudence whose songs add a layer of warmth and tradition to the gatherings. Wednesdays on the channel are a double whammy with a crafting stream in the afternoon hosted by skilled artisans ending the evening with a gothic horror Dungeons & Dragons game, bringing to life tales of the eerie and supernatural. We end our regularly scheduled streams with Phantasmagoria stories on Thursdays with Nat21’s very own Handler Z. Check back regularly for new, exciting streams added to the schedule and guest appearances across the board.

Nat21 Adventures is a community where creativity knows no bounds and every member can find something to ignite their passion for the fantastical and the macabre. Whether you’re there to play, craft, listen, or just enjoy the show, Nat21 Adventures promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of imagination.

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