About Nat21 Adventures

Live D&D with your renaissance faire friends

Every Tuesday night brings high adventure as Dungeon Master Paolo Garbanzo takes his friends on a wild adventure through the world of "Eart".  Watch the game live on twitch and YOU can be part of the adventure!  Using twitch loyalty points you can aid the party with bonuses, auto hits, crits, and if you want to throw in some chaos, have them fail, give them minuses and disadvantage!  Want even more power? (who doesn't want more power?)
Influence the game even more by becoming a Patreon Saint!
You'll have more powers and opportunities to change the course of action with your saintly, demigod-like powers.


The more you support the show, the more powers you gain!  Join now and you'll have access to our Monster of the Month, stats on a unique monster used in the game!  At the $10 level you get access to the Map of the Month as well!  A unique mapto use in your own game!

Adventure Awaits

Need more adventure?

Join us on our next international adventure and play with us LIVE as we wind our way from Scotland to England and play D&D each night in a real castle!

These all inclusive tours provide food, lodging at various castles, daily excursions and a full campaign of D&D with your favorites from Nat21 Adventures, ending in an epic Heroes' Feast!

Our next tour is July 2023



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