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    Summer Reading & Role-playing Bundle!

    Get your kids solving problems, thinking critically, and exploring worlds of adventure with this package by award-winning author and game designer, Robert Turk (Ottoman). We say “kids”, but we know you will want to play this game too!

    Includes a signed copy of the WyrdScouts RPG book, a signed copy of Persnickety Jones and the Pirates of Undertoe, two character sheets, and a bag of 10 custom dice.


    Item condition: New


    1x softback, signed WyrdScouts game book
    1x set of special d10 dice in a velour bag
    and 1x signed copy of Persnickety Jones and the Pirates of Undertoe

    Retail value of this signed bundle is $62

    More about Persnickety Jones and the Pirates of the Undertoe

    *** 2020 Imadjinn Award Winner for Best Young Adult Novel ***
    Heave Ho! Down the Undertoe, we must go!

    Persnickety Jones is an imaginative tale of wonder, adventure, and shadowy secrets by Robert Ottoman.
    When her brother is sucked down the bathtub drain, Persnickety Jones has no choice but to embark on a desperate journey to rescue him. In the basement, she discovers a hidden entrance to the Undertoe; a strange underground world where animal pirates sail the waterways, an evil toad rules over the common folk, and most things are much darker and more dangerous than they first appear.

    More about WyrdScouts

    The Wyrdwood (pronounced “weird wood”) is a strange and magical place, an enchanted forest as old as time itself. Infinite and ever-changing, the Wyrdwood is accessible via any wooded area in the modern world, though usually not by accident.

    New Scouts have spent their entire life up till now among their human families, but they are all descended from various Fae of the Wyrdwood as well.  The magic in their blood has been passed down from generation to generation and grants them special faerie abilities.

    WyrdScouts is a rules-lite, storytelling adventure game for kids and adults!

    • WyrdScouts uses a custom dice matching resolution system (with ten-sided dice)
    • The game mechanics support and encourage teamwork, and focus on problem solving instead of combat.
    • While most players will be magical WyrdScouts, the option exists for experienced games to play as animal familiar guides.
    • Perfect for families wanting to get into roleplaying together, or for adults to explore the woods through the eyes of their youth.


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